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Is it possible to make extra electricity off of my hamster? Answered

My Hamster really loves to run around on his hamster wheel. Is it possible to use this to develop energy?


i hope it works


Video and instructions can be found at Make Mazagine.

Hamster Across America (Instructable here) and Hamster Hike show that the energy is there.

Adjusting the New Scientist estimate of a hamster power with the average speed of Lizzie since last February, my estimate is that you could average as much as 9 milliwatts of power overall and frequently reach peaks of 200 mW during a night.

But you aren't going to run a toaster off this, or even a very bright LED.


9 years ago

technically it would be possible, but only about enough to power an LED or something. If you got a motor and put it onto the wheel so when the hamster runs it turns, then connected 2 led's both with oppasite polarities connected to the motor, then when it is running, no matter which way, it will light one of the led's up.

Your hamster might like the lights. jotism raises a good point, you'll want to make use of both directions. Hamsters often hop on facing the other way.

Are you implying that your hamster turns a wheel? I doubt your critter makes much torque, but probably high RPMs. You may be able to wire up some capacitors and/or battery to the axle. I suppose it would be like a small generator. It be a concept based on power storage, instead of direct use. That way, you could let it run for days if need be to get any decent charge. Whatever you do, I have one tip. Insulate and ground everything well. That includes the wheel itself, depending on your wiring. You want to keep your pet safe.