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Is it possible to patch a glass globe such as one used for a hurricane lantern? Answered

I have a hurricane lamp and the glass recently cracked. I have no ability to replace it and I'd like to patch it so that the crack doesn't spread any further. The globe is small, so it's really easy for the flame to come close to the glass. Is it possible to to fix it? None of the glass has fallen off, it's just cracked quite splendidly.



Best Answer 4 years ago

The crack filling glue that is used for car windshields might work. It cures with UV light. It has the ability to flow along the crack and then seals it so it is almost invisible. problem is its most likely pretty expensive and I am not sure where you could get it. I believe it also has to be "injected" under pressure.

It might be chemically similar to the glue that sticks your rear view mirror to the windshield. I know you can get that in hardware and automative stores.

You should be able to get a replacement glass. Use Google and track down the maker.


4 years ago

May be hard because any glue will be effected by the heat.

You don't say where you are in the world by Gorilla tape may be an answer.

Other than that you could try a glass glue.