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Is it possible to produce a sound wave that makes us experience silence? Answered

What I mean is: a computer or whatever produces that sound and we can't listen to anything, not even our own speach. That would make us experience TOTAL silence. Is it physically possible? That would rock. :) Thanks, Pedrotome


no... if you want to experience total silence you'd need to be in a vacuum chamber... & even then, you'll still hear your body from the inside out.

yes it is very possible and nothing i would experiment with but suit youre self,it is not a immediate thing but it is not actually one soundwave but two,one very high that you almost cant hear and a substantially loud pitch,the loud pitch interferes with the high one causing a siren ed tone eventually after long enough exposure causing TEMPORARY deafness.i dont have exact frequency's right off hand but its very possible

maybe if you created a sound so loud you went deaf. That would accomplish the objective, the results are somewhat... err. permanent though.

I think that this is as close as you are going to get-well, as long as the tinnitus wasn't too bad : ) The problem is that as ambient sound level drops, you hear fainter sounds-like your heart beat wooshing through your ears or your voice by bone conduction if the sound was otherwise canceled.

jtobako is right about hearing fainter sounds. Moreover, I think the tinnitus would be quite annoying if you even temporarily deafened yourself. Try the pink noise generator I suggested; sound masking may be the way to go.

Good active noise canceling is very difficult. If you want a sound that interferes with your hearing but doesn't depend on knowledge of what sounds are in the environment, you might try "waterfall noise". You can find a program to create some in the Release folder of this zip file from the September 2005 CSIG Meeting.

it's kind of possible. You know those noise canceling headphones? Well, the good ones do just what you are talking about to your surroundings. They produce sound waves that cancel out the waves from your surroundings, however the effect isn't nearly perfect. Read this article for more info: