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Is it possible to re use micro controllers in other devices? Kinda like recycling computer fans? Answered

I wanna program some microcontrollers and obviously recycling a old one from remote control cars or something would be cheaper than buying micro controllers. Is this possible


Not usually, the ones in low cost consumer electronics are usually one time programmable for cost reasons. New controllers cost only a couple of bucks.

mouser (my favorite) or digikey

the 2 most common 8-bits are the PIC by microchip and the AVR by atmel.

I personally use the AVR (2 more specific types are attiny and atmega, a common 8 pin AVR is the attiny13 and the attiny45)

The most common AMATEUR project 8 bitters are possibly the AVR and the PIC. There was a trade article I saw last week pointing out that Phillips/NXP have shipped 500,000,000 8052 in only a single variant last year.

The 8052 is second sourced and freely supported too.

As always, it depends where you are.
In the UK, Maplin, Rapid, Farnell, RS.

 Technically, yes, but it can be more trouble than it's worth. Some manufacturers cover their ICs in a black substance that's a ***** to get off. Even if you do get the uC off (which is loads of desoldering work), you've got to determine what it is (fairly easy, since it's printed on the surface 99% of the time). Then it's onto a development board, reprogramming, etc. If you want to make a habit of it, things can get pricey (lots of different uC types and manufacturers out there = lots of programmers). But technically, it CAN be done. 

But for cheaper? Dude, just buy a uC. They're $2-10. And it's easier. ;)