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Is it possible to read the RFID chips implanted into cats with a microcontroller for identification purposes? Answered

I would like to be able to identify my cats so that they can be fed according to their particular diet, and they are already implanted with RFID tags from the vet. I was hoping to use these tags instead of making my cat wear an extra RFID tag on their collar.




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It makes sense, but many implanted sensors are VERY short range, 1-10cm, where the collar models have at least the 20-50cm range.

If you wanted your cat scanned (pun intended) then the reader antenna would have to be extra amplified, higher gain, or convince the cat to rub its chipped body part against a sensor to unlock the door.

Impossible, definitely not - impractical, mostly -- doable? for sure :D

First step, ASK your vet exactly what brand/specification they use for their chips. There are a few protocols (khz up to mhz range tags) and you have to have/make the matching equipment.

Most rfid these days is 'dumb' where you scream at it "hello" and it replies "this is my number". Smarter 'smart' rfid tags you shout out a number, the tag does some math on it, and it screams back the decrypted answer. I can't see there being a security risk in having a cat with a dumb tag, so its very unlikely the cat will have a smart tag.

Look up Bob Boise and listen to his story. We live in a world full of psycos.


If you get it working, I'd be interested. Find a way to make it Really Cheap, and it'd be easier to make sure that everyone who is dealing with lost animals has a reader and can contact the owner.

(I don't think my cats have been chipped. I should think about that. Even though they're indoor cats.)

Its do-able, but only if you have the right chip. The USA in particular has been very slow to adopt the international ISO standard that allows everyone to read the chips, and has stuck with proprietary systems.


This is certainly possible. You would need to have an RFID reader connected to the microcontroller; search Instructables for "RFID reader" and you'll find a bunch of projects. It would be great if you adapted one of them for this purpose, and wrote your own I'ble!