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Is it possible to repair a TV remote which has a snapped circuit board? Answered

I snapped my TV remote by accident and i was wondering if it was possible to put the two halves of the circuit board together again?


If you snapped it in half, there is a very good chance that manyPCB traces were severed, and will need to be reconneted. If the PCB is a simple one, where there are traces on only one side, then this may be feasible. This is the type of PCB that I have seen most often in any remote I have taken apart.

If it is a more sophisticated PCB with multiple layers, then it will be practically impossible, as there would be no way to reconnect internal traces.

Also, if any components were damaged or had their solder joints broken, then those will have to be repaired also.

It IS possible, but it requires specialist soldering and you could short curcuit anything within the controller. One short circuit means you wont have a working controller.

I recommend using a Universal Controller that can be bought from most electronic stores.


7 years ago

You can buy a clone TV control for $10...
How big are your hands? and how strong are you?