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Is it possible to replace a failed power supply on a LCD monitor by wiring it directly to the pc's power supply? Answered


Yes, that's what I'm using right now



what power supply? if its the one for the backlight, then no. but if its a power brick with a 12v output it could run off the pc power supply, but it may take too much power to run the pc as well. you could use another pc power supply to run it. search for "atx power supply mod" to learn how to use one outside of a computer. you can get pc power supplys for free ive got bunches of them.

Potentially.... but probably not a good idea. Is the PSU of the monitor internal or is it a wallwart/external deal? If it's internal, it will probably have at least 2 output voltages, one for the screen's backlight, and the other for the screen electronics (the driver board for the LCD). IF you're lucky, it might only output 1 voltage and that voltage is close to 12V... if not, I dunno. Then, check the Amperage rating/requirements. If you did all this, and everything's within spec (or even a little over), you should be fine. Otherwise, just find an old PSU and hook it up and see. The monitor's dead otherwise, and the PSU's probably been sitting in your basement for a while, so it won't be a big loss of anything.