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Is it possible to run a Minecraft server off my website server? Answered

I use FatCow as a web-hoster, and I was just wondering if it would be possible to run a Minecraft server off of it, so I can play online with a bunch of friends. If it is possible, would it take up a lot of bandwidth?



5 years ago

It depends on the spec of your web server. Generally a MC server requires much more power than a website. I've set up a website at http://www.minecraftwebsites.com, then used my server for a MC server and not a website.

How have you done it?

Contact FatCow and ask them, since they're the ones who would have to set it up. I'll guess the answer is "not at a price you're willing to pay", but ya never know.

yes it would take up alot of bandwidth, but i doubt that on a webhost liek000webhost youll us eit all up since your given like 100gb bandwidth!

on the internet, anything is possible!

The problem isn't bandwidth. The problem is that you're asking them to run, and support, software which they aren't familiar with, whose failure modes they do not know, whose security strength they do not not know... in other words, you're asking them to put their server at risk. Given that most "consumer" ISPs are reluctant to host *any* new server-side code, I would be extremely surprised if they would be willing to do this for you unless you pay them enough to make it worth their while.

In their shoes, I'd probably insist that you paid enough to cover setting up a separate machine to run that server in the DMZ, so I was sure it wasn't going to interfere with the rest of my operation. Machine purchase cost, manhours to set it up, manhours to maintain it, traffic charges (which may indeed be the least of it) -- and that's assuming you're willing to take all the responsibility of maintaining the actual server code and their responsibility stops at keeping the hardware running.

Call them and ask. They're the ones who will say "yes", "yes if you can afford it", or "no".

If they give you an answer you don't like, you can call other hosting services and ask them for quotes. Or you can learn to set up your own server, on your own machine and your own network connection. Given that you're likely to be the one maintaining the server even if they host the machine, you might as well start learning now in any case.

What if you wanted just part of the minecraft server, like have it only be able to send the motd and players/playersmax info but not actually let anyone join?

i agree, compensation of a peer to peer connection using an ACTUAL web server (traditional minecraft server is peer to peer hosted on a computer), is just too much. plus at times of high bandwidth, online servers like to limit the download speed, so youll probably only have 40 mins of good playing time on your hands therer, after that expect lots of timeouts