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Is it possible to secure an unsecured network with your own router? Answered

I'm going to Spain to study, and would like to trade stocks there.  The place I'll be staying in has wifi.  Is it possible in anyway to make sure my information is safe by using another router to receive the wireless connection?  It would think it would be very costly to buy a data plan, much less a fast one to trade stocks and is accurate to the second.  


If I am understanding your question right... no. If you are using one router to connect to another, then anyone connected to the router that you are ending at will be able to sniff. Look at a 4G plan... still not the best option in terms of security, but better than an open wifi.

An "unsecured network" really is any network (or router) between you and your final destination... so really your best option is, as lemonie suggests, making sure that you have an encrypted connection (ssl) between your computer and the trade sites you are using... then your are basically protected from any prying eyes (or sniffing computers)...

Providing your own wifi router (with encryption/passwords) simply ensures that no one will be sniffing your wifi... but from the router onwards, your traffic can be peered at...

You could use a vpn service to the States if you are only concerned about the Spanish side of things... but again this only provides you an encrypted tunnel to the States... from there on your traffic again can be perused...

As long as you have an encrypted session (with authentic certificates etc) to your end trade sites, it doesn't really matter what isp you have used (as long as it gives you a decent bandwidth/throughput).

have a look at http://www.trusteer.com/product/trusteer-rapport It is fairly good - UK banks use it.

Isn't your connection to the trading site encrypted then?