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Is it possible to start a friendly competition or contest on an "easy to build offroad-wheelchair"? Answered

Hello friends, I am totally new here, but I have a question, whether it is possible to ask people here in this community to think and try and build an easy to build and easy to use "offroad-wheelchair" which should enable disabled or challenged people to new challenges. for example to go into the woods or mountain. Here - in this community - is so much brainpower and ideas and idealism gathered, therefore a lot of good ideas could come out and finally help a lot of people. What do you think of this idea? Let me know All the best to you Steve


Hi, thanks for your comments. I tried to move to the AT-Group with this, and I wrote it again, but was not able to find the AT-Group as a possiblity to choose in the pulldown menue after opening a new topic. Help!!

What you need to do is join the group and then click "new forum topic".

hey - I tried that, but have not found the right button. I have joined the group, but I still cannot find a way to start. .. I will try again. maybe I have to logout and login before..?

Okay, go to the page kelsey and nacho linked to. Then scroll down to where it says "Forums". On the gray bar, to the right, is a link that says "+ New topic". Click that.

Hi, Adrian. Just FYI -- I've conferred with Rachel via PM, and also tried posting a topic myself. It looks like there's a bug in the group-level new-topic process. Staff hacked the DB manually to attach the topic to the group, but that is definitely not something to be done more than once.

Welcome to Instructables.

Probably not what you had in mind but here is a wheelchair mod. You can try to search through for bicycle/cart/trailer mods to see if you get any ideas. I guess you would have to specifically design something that the person is capable of safely using off-road. A regular wheelchair is inherently unstable from it's high profile so some kind of modified recumbent tricycle might work. Lots of people who weld here would be able to prototype something or offer ideas. Good luck.

Wow- I am impressed, how fast the reactions are. Thanks for your answer. This looks pretty funny, but it is interesting. I think, I will put the topic also in the "Ride" section - as another one suggest. Greetings Steve

I presume you searched Google for "off-road wheelchair." There are several good sites on the very first results page (expensive!). The monster-truck look of this one amuses me to no end :-)

I'd bet the Makers here could get some great inspiration from some of those sites and pictures.

Yes, please. If you could re-post this in the AT Group, I'd be grateful (I'bles doesn't have a method to move a forum topic into a group). In addition to Instructables, you may also want to look at the GearAbility site (and their DIY blog), which is linked from the AT Group.