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Is it possible to upload a powerpoint show into an instructable so that it will run when clicked please? Answered

I want people to be able to run a PPS file but when I upload it it appears as HTML code, can it be done please?


Get PowerPoint Recovery software is capable to start batch recovery and gets back several presentations consequently. This software can be used to restore a large number of PPTM, PPTX and PPT files at one go. It performs successful repair in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2007.

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Hey I had the same issue with my computer. I wasted my time on it for
many days but finally I got a solution from this link :- http://www.recoverfilesdata.com/powerpoint-recovery-software.html

I eventually tried uploading a PPT rather than a PPS and it works as long as it is saved to the computer and then run (running without saving loses formating and needs to be mouse clicked all the way through).

Regards rog8811

Try exporting each slide as an image, then re-assembling the presentation as a picture-presentation instructable.