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Is it possible to use an old ipod classic as external storage for a psp? Answered

 I have an old iPod classic that I'm not using because i have a 32gb iTouch but I'm running out of space on my PSP memory card.  I was wondering if it's possible to use the old iPod classic as a storage source for my PSP.  If any of you guys out there have any idea of how to do it or have heard of someone else doing it before please help.



8 years ago

Cool idea but I'm not sure how you'd go about it.  Some iPods can be booted up in "Target disk mode," acting as an external hard drive.  But how to interface that with a PSP, I do not know.

Hmm... I've heard from some buddies about people modding a PSP and adding internal flash memory but would it be able to support a HDD?