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Is it possible to watch my ipod movies on my tv? Answered

I have a cable that hooks my headphone slot on my ipod to the yellow, white, and red video and audio slots on my tv. i know i can listen to my music through my tv but i dont get picture when trying to watch video. is it possible to watch these movies on my tv screen?



8 years ago

No.But you get special  cable to connect the usb slot of iop to tv.I have another idea.The  ipod 5g used as a security cam since it has video recording capabilities.Try this out !!! On the camera(of the ipod) connect it to the tv.there it is !!!!you can convert it into security cam


8 years ago

I researched this same question a while ago, and from what I understand, if you have the older 30/80gb iPod VIDEO, then you can.  If the cable you are using is not Apple brand, the the outputs are mixed up.  Change around the order of the 3 cables and see what combination works.  For example, the video is sent out on red or white, not the usual yellow.

If you have the newer Classic, newer nano, or touch, then you have to buy their new cable. 

The older Apple cable that plugs into the headphone jack does not work with anything newer than the iPod Classic.  Apple disabled the video output through the headphone jack (because people were making their own cables) and forced you to buy the new cable, which connects VIA the 30pin dock.

So the short answer is that you can, but only with the right cable.


Answer 8 years ago

May I recommend dealextreme?  slow but extremely cheap!

classic video cable:  ipod Video 60gb headphone jack cable.

dock cable rca:  dock cable

both are rca outputs, probably ntsc (north america)

The quality WILL suck on any reasonably sized tv, as the resolution is so small.  Also:  agreed that you may need to swap the cables around, or swap the grounds for signal lines - they are shifty like that.  Camcorders use a different cable than ipods for this reason, the video cable outputs signal on the ground line, but the audio cables are normal.