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Is it possible to watercool an xbox 360 internally. Can anyone make an instructables on how to do it.? Answered

Hi there, some people have watercooled there xbox externally but I'm after cooling mine internally (pump, rad, fan etc) so to keep it as an all in one package. Has anyone done this to their xbox 360 as I would love to watercool mine. Can anyone offer a solution as I really want to do this to permanently stop my 360 from overheating. Shaun.


Oil is an insulator. You could fill your 360 with it (not recommended).

This will be more or less the same as watercooling a PC. The big hurdle here is fixing the waterblocks to the chips that need cooling. If there are holes through the board where the old cooler attached, a few zip ties will probably do the trick. Be aware that you'll still need air cooling. Make sure that all chips under a heat sink still have heat sinks on them, and that everything stays cool, not just the chips that generate a lot of heat.

Thanks for the info uzi i will bear that in mind.