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Is it possible to wipe built in phone memory by shorting it out? Answered

I have a Samsung phone, model SPH-M510, for 30$ It was given to me so for me to find out the forgotten password.. ( you know this story ) rather than trying 17 000 passwords, I was curious as to wether the built in memory could possibly be shorted and wiped, or if there was some way to access built in memory. ( not stuff on the card ) If anybody knows any ways to get in, please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.



Best Answer 9 years ago

I just searched a forum... they suggest looking in the menus for 'master reset' or 'factory reset'... "It'll be in the phone settings under "master reset" or "master clear". The password will either be 0000, 000000, 1234, or 123456" "try the old last 4 digits of the phone number" "try 8 zeros 00000000" another different forum: "Okay then lets try this one... *2767*2878# Now I managed to borrow a P510 for this experiment and I know this works. Remove your SIM card and type in the code above. When you type the # in the simcard animation will stop moving. Leave it like this about 1 minute just to give itself time to clear. If it has not already restarted, remove battery put in your SIM and restart the phone. Fingers Crossed and hopefully we will see you on the functioning side again. If you do get it working go into your "Phone Settings" "Security" "Change Password" Standard is 00000000 8 Zeros (This should be set to standard again, if not do the *2767*3855# code to reset it) Then change it to a number you can remember. (No 5 year olds can change your password if they don't know it icon_wink.gif )"

that *2767*2878# is from the main screen where you'd type a phone number.

Pity the author didn't respond. The fact that they flagged your response as "Best Answer" probably means that it did work :-)

ive had no luck so far, keep in mind, I'm locked Out of the phone, thats the primary purpose of my question, im still trying, and frollard, i like your answer, and its what im working with.

hehe, didn't see your response down here. If it does/doesnt work, let me know and we can keep looking.