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Is it possible to wire a usb cable up to a wireless Turtle Beach x41 headset to power it? Answered

Hey I was wondering if soldering a usb cable to the batttery terminal's in the turtle beach x41 to keep it powered without batteries, would work? Would I just need to solder a resistor to the power(red) wire on the usb to lower it to 3v seeing as the usb outputs 5v and the headset takes 3v( 2 AAA batteries)? I would like to attempt it, but I honestly do not know if this would work. I would like some input on this. Also, the idea came to me because I hate going through batteries and don't like recharging batteries with either. Please and thank you!



Best Answer 6 years ago

While it counters the idea of a wireless headset, it should be possible to use USB as a power supply. The 100mA a unsolicited port will give you should be enough if the device is normally powered with AAA batteries.

You are right about the fact, that the voltage will be to high, but a resistor is not a means to lower the voltage! A resistor converts volateg to current and current to voltage. As a side effect, there is a voltage drop that under very controlled (and known) circumstances can be used to lower/reduce a voltage.

But as you don't know neither how much current the device will need, nor how the current fluctuates, you can't select a matching resistor.

What you can do is
a) use a low drop voltage regulator from 5V to 3V
b) use a voltage converter 5V to 3V (might have an audible hissing ripple, so not first choice for a headset)
c) use the voltage drop of diodes - a silicon diode (1N4148, 1N4001 etc.) has a voltage drop of about 0.7V (the voltage drop is current depending, but not as much varying as with a resistor). You could try 4 diodes in series, if the voltage is too low, try 3 diodes.

[Disclaimer: Did not test/try any of this, use at your own risk]

I did C and it worked! I have it hooked up so I can use batteries in case I want the extra wireless freedom again! Thanks!

Hi I barely came back to this as I have a amp reading of the headset... here's a video(Not exactly sure if I hooked up the multimeter the right way to get the reading) http://youtu.be/du_F4TdJCTg
If anyone can point me in the right direction of what I need to successfully use a usb cable to power my headset?

You will need a 5V to 3V voltage regulator between the USB cable and the terminals. You could try a voltage divider but you run the risk of limiting the current to the point the headset won't operate.

I'm not sure if your idea would work or not, but another Instructable Member posted an ible on how to increase the battery life on the Turtle Beach X31 Headset by a mod that uses AA batteries vs AAA batteries, and the claim is that you'll get 6X the battery life. So... if the usb method doesn't work then you might want to try the alternative.

(BTW, I did notice you said X41, but I don't see much difference between yours and the X31, nor with the quick research I did to compare the two models).