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Is it really that hard? Answered

i meen serusly ppl is it tht hrd 2 use good grmmr i see ppl on this site evry day an evry day i c ppl saeing "ZOMFG CANZ i HAVE SUM PLZ!?!?!11ELEVEN?" i dnt c wuts so hrd bout grmmr if u jus go 2 skool not skip clas and lern somthin u may lern grmmr thats wen u make sens wen u tipe an tlk so let review go 2 skool lern sumthin an use good grmr and luk smrt lol u gies r gud at makin urslf luk liek a ttal noob


"Is it really that hard?"

That's what she said.

ROFL & Rated 5.

etz ezyr tu sei dan nurmul wurdz!1111!
(Sarcasm, I enjoy using grammer)