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Is it reasonably possible to build my own torsion springs? Please see details and picture? Answered

the actual coil of the spring could be no larger then 1/2" as it would need to fit in to connecting tubes with an i.d. of just a bit larger then 1/2"  The 2 ends would need to be around 3/4 long, if that makes sense.  It would not need a ton of strength as it would be bent by a small gear motor.  The only catch is that it would be under tension for potentially extended periods of time, 5-10 minutes.  I would be needing around 15 of them, perhaps a few more for any whoops that should occur.  So, if it is a long process it may be easier trying to source out on ebay.  I am on the extreme side of rural so it not simply a trip to the hardware store.  Any ideas would be great, thanks.



Best Answer 7 years ago

There is an instructable about how to make springs.

Just wound one with rosin core welding wire and it seems to have the right tension. Could one use bailing wire, wind it, then heat and rapidly cool it to increase tension? Alternatives to spring wire, perhaps under another name?

"Piano wire" is another name - model shops stock it.
Unfortunately welding wire and bailing wire aren't carbon steels with enough carbon to harden.


Winding your own is easy if you can get spring steel wire.