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Is it safe to make a mold for food out of acrylic? Answered

Is it safe to make a mold for food out of acrylic? Will the acrylic leave an after taste? Will the food be safe to eat?



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There are lots of dishware already made with acrylic. There are food dispensers (candy, nuts etc) made with acrylic. There are drinking glasses made with acrylic. And a cola drink is about as acidic as you can get. They make cutting boards out of acrylic, and there is a chance to ingest tiny slivers of acrylic from meat etc. that has been cut on the board. I do not know if there is a "food grade" acrylic though. You should ask where you get your materials. I assume you are going to mix liquid acrylic and pour you mold that way. After the material has cured completely there might still be a small out gassing of the curing compounds so I would wait and extra bit of time before I used the mold for food. If you are gluing the mold together there might be something in the glue that is toxic. You should be very careful about the glue and make sure that IT is food safe. Otherwise I would not have any worry about eating anything from you acrylic mold (as long as you're a good cook!). If you find out that there is a food grade acrylic, come back here and let us know so the people who read this later know what you found out. Good luck.

You can find "FDA Grade Acrylic" though it's generally in pre-made shapes. If at all possible I'd recommend silicone. Most silicone for mold making is labeled "Safe for food" straight out of the box. It's also usually safe up to 500oF (unlike acrylic) and much more flexible and forgiving for food molds. No worrying about out gassing or noxious fumes, just give a good wash after it's set up and you're good to go.

I would tend to agree with Grathio about the silicone, but would also like to add, if the mold is a simple enough shape, polypropylene is frequently used in the food industry because of it's chemical and acid resistance. There are also kits available (usually with a platinum-cure 2 part silicone, to mold body parts to make, well, edible body parts, shall we say.)
there are also candy molds made with vacuuform material(I'm thinking Lexan or Plexiglas,not styrene) if vacuuforming or blowmolding is an option.

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