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Is it safe to power a 9V 4mA device (Boss DS-1 pedal) with a 9V 850mA adapter? Answered

I'm not sure how mA works. The recommended manufacturer's adapter outputs 500mA and a different one I found around the house has 850. The specs for the pedal (http://www.roland.com/products/en/DS-1/specs.html) say it only draws 4mA, so I think I'm safe but I'd like to confirm before I try.



Best Answer 9 years ago

I'm not sure about this device's actual power use but you can always use a adaptor with higher (milli-)amperage, it's the voltage of the adaptor that matters in these cases, lower than is asked for makes the device not work and can damage the adaptor depending on the adaptor's safety features, higher doesn't matter though so a 850mA adaptor is OK. for any device using less, as you expected.

more miliamperes accept more pdals whit the same power source so its good.very good

It should be fine, the device will only draw as much as it needs (this happen's in most circuits :)) But like the other people who have posted said, make sure you check the voltage is ok! Sometimes, when an unregulated adaptor is unloaded, it can produce a higher voltage but when it is loaded, it normally returns to its rated voltage.

as long as the adaptor is voltage regulated.

The current rating (in mA) lets you know the maximum current that the power supply can source. Your device will still only pull what it needs (device loads the source). As long as your voltage is the same and your device does not pull more than the rated current everything should be fine. Problems arise when the voltage is wrong or the current of the power supply is too low.

check your adapter with multimeter plug it in without load and measure voltage 9 - 9.5 V - safe 9.5 - 10 V - maybe over 10 V - probably bad