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Is it safe to put a metal dish in a freezer? Answered

I recently bought a stainless steel mess kit. Would it be safe to use it as a freezer dish; for instance, if I were to make a lasagne in it and then freeze it? I know you're not supposed to put metal cans containing food in the fridge, so I thought I'd check. Thanks! :-)



Best Answer 9 years ago

Should be just fine. Be careful when taking it out because skin will freeze to frozen metal and that's no fun. You aren't supposed to freeze metal cans of food because they're tightly sealed, not because they're metal. When the contents freeze they'll expand and rupture the can. As long as you don't seal anything tightly you'll be fine. (For example a sealed canteen full of water might burst. A pan full of beans will be fine.)

That's great thanks! :-) I always thought you weren't supposed to put opened metal tins in the fridge because it poisoned the food in some way (oxidization?).

The acidic food can react with the zinc in the can and cause the zinc to leach in the foods.

Shouldn't be a problem.