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Is it safe to use a normal drill bit to drill into a glass bottle? Answered

 Want to make a lamp out of this bottle i have. But also dont want to die..


Dying is unlikely, but success is also unlikely.  A normal, everyday, average drill bit is just going to break and shatter the glass. 

Get yourself the following items:
-A glass or tile drill bit from the hardware store ($5-10 in Canada)..
-Safety goggles.
-A properly fitted dust mask.

Wear the safety goggles and dust mask, and use the special drill bit to grind your way slowly through the glass.  Ground glass is bad news for your lungs, so clean it up before you remove the mask.

It would be safe but also completely ineffective- seriously doubt a normal drill bit will cut glass.   Drill bits for glass should be available at local hardware store and not too expensive.

Wrong. Standard drills will drill glass very well, (if you know how to do it.)

Small holes - Dremel with diamond bit lubricated with kerosene, diesel or light oil.
Larger holes - copper tubing with automotive valve grinding compound.

If you have a brass rod the size hole you want and a little bit of grit, like from sand paper you can very easily use those to drill glass.  put a little mound of grit where you want the hole and lower the slowly turning brass rod into it.  Keep doing this so that the rod rubs a hole in the glass.

Better still, make a coffer dam of modelling clay around the hole site and put some water in it with the grit.

Perfect.  I always forget the part about the water.


And DON'T press hard, especially as you near break through.

I have used "normal" carbon steel drill bits to cut holes in glass bottles !  you need to fill th' bottle with water and hold it in water while you drill as th' heat generated by th' friction will crack th' glass otherwise !