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Is it valuable to buy a hi-phone? Answered

So unlucky,  my phone was stolen when I took the bus yesterday. I need to buy new phone for myself online, and I found this newest hiphone which suit for me, I really like it so much, but the iphone is not original, I am worried about the quality is not good. Is there somebody can give me some advice? Thanks in advance.


wouldn't risk it...

the camera is probably crap, the software that it runs is probably crap, save your munies and buy a new one

My friend got a iphone knock off, they aren't worth it, it is hard to type on, it is slow and the touchscreen is bad, and most of all the OS is not original most of the features on the real iphone aren't on the iphone knock off's. But it does look a lot like the iphone when the screen is turned off.

The picture you're showing us is an apple iPhone.

The website is advertising a "hiphone", which they describe as an "iPhone 3G shape" phone. In other words, despite all the photos which say iPhone, what they're selling is probably a rip-off which looks like, but does not work like, the iPhone.

I wouldn't touch it.