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Is it very simple to connect USB cable to a 4-pin DIN? Answered

I want to make an arcade themed Custom PC build. I will be building the case out of wood. It will be used for playing retro games using emulators with maximus arcade as a front-end. I want to make some controllers, and use 4-pin DIN connectors to make it a bit more unique and retro.

Can you solder usb wires onto the connectors? IS it that simple and if it is; am i likely to encounter any problems?
I don't have any problem soldering and connecting either.


If you look closey at a USB connection, the pins are different lengths to sequence the power into the plugged in device. Ideally, the ground makes contact first, then the supply, then the signal lines.

If you are using DIN connectors, you really ought to play with the pin lengths too.