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Is learning how to hook up golf cart batteries Top-Secret Classified info? Answered

I tried to post this before, trying again. Im new to the forum and very impressed, seems like a friendly group. As to my question, been searching the net for info and can't seem to find any diagrams or instructions on how they should be hooked up. Have heard they hook up neg. to positive and vise versa to each battery, but I don't understand. Can someone help me out please? Thanks in advance.


Also, only use multiple batteries of exactly the same age.


10 years ago

Does this help? The wires at the bottom go to the device you are powering; DO NOT connect them together. Rule of thumb for vehicle batteries: they'll supply currents of 100s of amps for long enough to melt a screwdriver...


Wow! Thanks westfw. It will help me totally, to show it to my friend, who will understand it. LOL. It's so nice to be able to blow that image up. Thank you and thank you NachoMahma.

. Assuming all the batteries are the same, if you wire the batteries in parallel (+ to +, - to -), the voltage will be the same as any one battery, but you will have more current available. . If you wire them in series (+ to -), the output voltage will be the sum of the individual batteries. Eg, if you have four 12V batteries the output will be 48V.

. PS: golf cart batteries can supply a lot of current - be careful not to short the terminals.

Thank you NachoMahma, for your reply. Do you know of a site for a diagram? I guess I am a visual person.LOL