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Is lighter flame/smoke/fume toxic? Answered

I was going to make an instructable on mini roasting when something hit me. When you use the lighter to light maybe a marshmellow, is the fire or smoke or fumes from the fire toxic? I mean the gas/alcohol gets neutrilized when it burns up and turns into flame but If i cook with it, it may be a different question.

If someone asks me to think about smokes, the I should say to you that smokes are already toxic and anyone smoking shouldn't care. ( I don't smoke, I want to live)

If possible you can answer this question and have credit in my next instructable.


Check it out. It is interesting:


7 years ago

Butane is toxic to inhale - http://www.scipub.org/fulltext/ajas/ajas23707-710.pdf (or for easier reading the wiki - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butane#Effects_and_health_issues) however in an open air environment I would imagine that most of the gas would dissipate. From the wiki page;

When oxygen is plentiful, butane burns to form carbon dioxide and water vapor; when oxygen is limited, carbon (soot) or carbon monoxide may also be formed."

I would personally be more worried about the temperature that the lighter nozzle would reach when using it for 30+ seconds.

(Note that CO2 is, in fact, toxic. We just normally don't get enough of it to cause trouble.)

Quite so (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_dioxide#Toxicity), however provided that the lighter isn't being used indoors for an extended amount of time then the gas output of a lighter is nothing to much to be worried about. A more dangerous situation is restricting the oxygen that the flame gets, which releases carbon monoxide (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_monoxide#Toxicity) which is highly dangerous. Having said that, we are dealing with hot, light (relatively) gasses which in an open environment will simply dissipate up and away from the flame and the user. Drew

Smoke and soot are toxic. If you use a jet type lighter (burns with a blue flame) you get more complete combustion of the butane and no smoke. You will get a little smoke and soot from a normal lighter that burns with a yellow flame.

Yeah but no but kind of. One of those three. JK there isn't much smoke in a lighter flame, and it is just the heat that cooks it, and trust me, there would be more toxins in the marshmallow than the flame could ever have, and it is a flame, which is easily hot enough to kill chemicals.

Combustion products, except for hydrogen burning to water, are all toxic to one degree or another.

Since I have no idea what kind of lighter fuel it is, it may be toxic somehow, this helps a bit I guess.