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Is medium-weight quilting fabric durable? Answered

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this type of project but I was looking to make a knife roll for a friend who will be starting culinary school soon. The one she bought for school is kind of dumpy and while it does the job we had found some great looking roll up ones online they were just kind of expensive. So i figured I could make her one for half the cost. It all seems doable. The wall I'm running into is the majority of my sewing experience has been stitching hems for Halloween costumes so my familiarity with fabric types is minimal at best. I wanted to make her a roll out of a fabric with a print on it and and finally finding the right one, at a good price point, I find myself worried the quality of the fabric may not be what I'm looking for.

Basically what I found was described as "medium-weight quilting fabric 100% cotton" another one was called "broadcloth." I, however, have no idea what they are. The majority of no leather knife rolls we did find were made of canvas so I was hoping to make one of similar durability.

To sum it all up I'm just wondering if this "medium-weight quilting fabric" is anything like twill, canvas, linen or musslin. I feel like those fabrics, especially the first two, would be quite durable for some like a chefs knife problem is the pattern I'm looking for isn't on those types of fabrics.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!



8 months ago

How about Cordura ? Or leather ?


8 months ago

I have made few knife related things too and can say that normal fabric on its own is not really good.
Canvas or leather is a good choice as the material is quite stiff and holds the form while normal fabric is too soft and flexible.
Also knifes tent to be sharp and pointy so in most cases you want to include some wooden or plastic sleeves so the knifes blade and tip won't cut the fabric material.
I usually start with the sleeves and then glue the parts to the fabric before stitching them together.