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Is moving good idea ? Answered

when i get older i might move to a different state or a new country My choices United kingdoms(probably in fulham) Australia (probably in Melbourne) Canada(toronto) Chicago (gold coast or Roscoe village) i currently live in uptown Chicago ok area but to much Bums and wannabe gangsters for my comfort and i want t move


long answer kept short... I would grab any opportunity for travel - it would have been nice for you to state where you are now. I am thoroughly jealous of rickharris; I hope I can achieve someof my travel ambitions. I can't agree with "Don't worry", research is vital and the best answers come from those that have already done it. Don't get old and regret the chances you didn't take but don't be reckless with those chances as you still have your life to live after. I must admit - I live in the UK (Yorkshire) - and I wouldn't go to Fulham if I was paid, but someone has to live there...(!) ;-) The best of luck to you - I wish you well

Whichever happens, go for it - they all have significant advantages, simply because they offer new experiences.

Moving is almost as stressful as Divorce and death in the family. However I have lived and worked in 3 countries and visited many more either on holiday or with work. Before you go long term try visiting - do your research. Don't bargain on saving a fortune because you will spend more on seeing the new place. Enjoy. Not sure you would find Fulham much different to Chicago, England is best enjoyed from the countryside. At best live outside the city and close enough to get there when you want - Remember UK is a VERY SMALL country.


8 years ago

Frankly, I wouldn't worry yourself over this topic. Let the chips fall and make the decision when the time comes. If you spend all of high school worrying over where you'll wind up, you'll get nowhere. That being said, I'm not telling you to forget about it and ride life by the seat of your pants, but to keep your long term goals in mind and not worry too much in the mean time.