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Is my LED gas mask idea possible with the 'Getting Started with Arduino Kit'? Answered

I'm making a gas mask for my Resident Evil Umbrella Soldier Costume for Halloween but stuck at the LED part. I have the 'Getting Started with Arduino Kit'
(seen here: http://www.makershed.com/products/getting-started-with-arduino-kit-v3-0?gclid=CjwKEAjw456hBRDQ4eqg8MzA2W0SJABI2gJ8cIMUx4P7s-7_auRaly1jAeWzXCQwuYyWBtimS1twpBoCwXfw_wcB)

which you can see the contents on the link but I'll post it here:

(1) Arduino UNO
(1) USB Cable
(1) 9V Battery Pack w/DC Plug (requires soldering)
(1) Clear Breadboard
(1) Deluxe Jumper Wires
(2) Red LEDs
(2) Green LEDs
(2) Blue LEDs
(10) 10K Ohm Resistors
(10) 220 Ohm Resistors
(10) 270 Ohm Resistors
(2) Photo Resistors
(2) Momentary Button

The mask in question is in the image posted below.

That's what I have done so far. I want to have the 8 white LEDs fade out while the other 8 red LEDs fade on and vice versa when I turn the mask on. The timer would be a count of normal breathe basically and just continue as such. I'm new to LEDs and all of this in general so I was wondering if it's even possible to make with what I have in the kit. If not, what else would I need? Any suggestions for tutorials I can look it on how to accomplish this? Thanks.


Something like this will work for code, if you define LED1 and LED2 on your analogout pins.

While {0=0}


For (int ctr=0;ctr<255;ctr++)






This is the bit we needed to know:

Clear Red 1.9-2.0V, Clear White 3.0-3.2V.

We'll run the LEDs on 20mA, and put the red leds in 4 parallel strings of 2. The red leds will need 220 Ohm series resistors. We'll do the same with the white LEDs, they will need 150 Ohm series resistors.

Did you get the transistors I suggested ?

You'll need a couple of transistors too.You don't say where you are in the world, to advise the best sources for parts for you, and at zero years old, its hard to hold a soldering iron.

28 and in MidWest. Finding the parts is easy so not worried. I just need to know what parts I need to get.

Try a couple of MOSFETS like the IRF510 from Radio Shack.


What we need next is the spec of the "white" and "red" leds in your kit. They'll have a typical voltage drop and a typical current (usually 20mA, but check) - when we know that we can decide how to wire them for the best result.

I'm worried that the 9V battery is too small for this lot, if you want a whole night's entertainment from it. I'd try and get a bunch of AA batteries, say 6, to get 9V or 4 to get 6V and see if we can make it work.

The software, as described is pretty simple.

There's more information for them in the details and even more in the questions to the seller when you scroll down so hopefully that'll be the info you need. Thanks.

These are the LEDs I bought on Amazon:


This is the title with some info. Apologize for huge text but don't know how to change it:

microtivity IL184 5mm Assorted Clear LED w/ Resistors (6 Colors, Pack of 60)

  • Contains 60 LEDs of 4 kinds. (Clear Red, Clear Yellow, Clear Green, Clear Blue, Clear White and Clear Pink)
  • Comes with 60 1/4-watt 200ohm resistors for making connections.

Its entirely do-able. What kind of battery pack is it ?

Kit contains a 9V battery if that's what you mean. Other than that not sure what else you're looking for. From what everyone is saying and what I'm reading online, it's not that hard to accomplish but I'm a beginner so it seems complicated to me.