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Is possible to make some kind of blade's lock for an Opinel Knife No. 6? Answered

Hi at all, I need to lock the blade of my Opinel when it's open (for my fingers' safety =] ):  any idea?


Web says it already has one -- rotate the metal ring after opening it.

This may keep it from being street-legal in some places.

Thank you very much for the response, but the problem is that my Opinel hasn't the metal ring.

So, another idea?

If the ring has just come off, maybe you could get a replacement from Opinel? I suppose you could also machine one out of a piece of tubing, but it's probably easier to get the proper part and install it.

Getting a piece of tubing which would slip over the blade and the front of the handle was my first thought, before finding that one was built in.

I agree w/ trying to contact the manufacturer and asking about a replacement. Heck, if it wasn't your fault that it came loose they might send you the replacement free. Or even do a trade-in; Logitech did that for me on a trackball some years ago when its optical chip failed.

Thank you very much for your response, I will contact the manufacturer.


For the cost of an Opinel knife, I would purchase another If I had the funds available.