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Is something wrong with my well? Answered

Is something going on with the well pump?When we turn it on,it fault-checks by lighting fault and no water lights,if everything is all right it starts up.That is usual,it happened every time and nothing went wrong.It now pumps for some time,then stalls with a hiss,and then after some time,starts pumping again,stall,pump,stall,pump and so on.The control panel shows NO WATER when it stalls,the light comes off when the pump starts again.


Sounds like there is just barely enough water for it to sense, when it starts pumping the level drops, fault trips, water flows back, pump starts, level drops.... etc etc Pray for rain.

actuaaly I have been told the pump is actually lower than the water source,and the source has to fill the hole before it starts again.Looking inside the control panel I also see that the water level relay has been previously changed.

Does the pump need to be serviced? Maybe the water table level is going low and sediment or something is starting to plug the pump. Drought lately? Any filters or lines that need to be inspected and cleaned?

There is a drought,the pump is running well for years,I can see a small spray of water from a leak when it runs,and the pump is lower than the actual water supply,it probably has to fill the space the pump just emptied.If I can get a picture of the system(not the pump,it is needed 24/7 and I can't pull it out)I will update the topic.