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Is sour cream sour? I've never had it. Answered


A bit tangy, but not sour. the name comes from how it's made...like sour milk...sour cream.

Absolutely not sour. I like putting it on French fries with tomato and chili and bacon.

... That sounds great! And now I want to try it with some chili-cheese fries...

It is not at all sour. Like victus_maestro said, it's a great accompaniment to spicy food and is used in some bread recipes. Also, when added to sauces it gives a nice creamy texture. You could also use it in place of yoghurt when making a raita dip for an Indian dish. Just mix the sour cream with mint, finely chopped cucumber and if you like, a little coriander.

It isn't sour necessarily, it is more of a mild tartness (similar to yogurt, but not as strong, in my opinion). It is excellent for cutting spiciness, and adding a coolness (in terms of flavor). It is not intended to eat on its own, but is great on things like baked potato and almost any Mexican food I can think of (especially with enchiladas), and on more unorthodox things like pizza (though for that I prefer Ranch dressing). It ranks up there with ketchup and mustard as my personal "must have" condiments.

its good and depending on what you are eating it with,you might like it.. try it with bake potatoe and some butter.... tacos too.. oh no .... now im hungry.. =o