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Is sugru safe? Answered

Doe's anyone know if it is actually safe to use sugru on our project?
I mean, is it safe to let a kid use something that got sugru on it, or to put sugru near our ear/mouth/eye?


.  According to the MSDS for Sugru (PDF), it's safe to ingest small amounts of cured product (see section 11).

The warning on the package is for possible allergic reaction to certain chemicals in its uncured state. Now depending on what age child you are talking about, I would still exercise care with letting them handle any kind of plastic, even some water bottles turned out bad.  This is not a food-grade or medical-grade silicone product so I really wouldn't really let it contact sensitive areas let alone ingest it.  Best to email the sugru site for concerns on long term exposure.


7 years ago

Here an exemple, today someone posted this instructables:
I mean, he is bound to at least lick/try to eat the sugru!

Ultimately it becomes food-safe silicone rubber.

What makes you think that? I saw this and haven't seen anything that says that this has changed: http://getsatisfaction.com/sugru/topics/is_sugru_food_safe
The answer comes directly from the sugru people. You probably shouldn't put it on things that your food touches regularly (like you could put it on a spoon handle or the bottom of a bowl, but I wouldn't start licking it)

Hmm. I could have sworn I read it on the Sugru website, but I can't find it now.

In general silicone rubbers, when cured, are not "toxic" in any realistic sense, licking it or chewing silicones is extremely unlikely to be a hazard. Silicone oils, which are what rubber is made from are non-toxic enough for implantation in the body after all, and they are used in cosmetics.

We use a lot of silicone rubber and oils in our products at work, and our MSDS sheets make no mention of ANY hazard (except "may be slippery") "No known hazard from the cured product" features heavily.

Food-grade silicone is manufactured and monitored to make sure that there are no toxic elements present in the base-stocks.

Licking it wouldn't give me any problems - I must have done it many times to slip a pipe on a connector.


Yeah, but this is sugru, it is a putty before it becomes silicone.This must have different ingredients then regular silicone.

That's down to the polymerisation they use. Maybe this stuff is crosslinked a bit to make the putty, and the final stage is done by the rest of the cure process.

Yeah, but the "polymerisation"( I have no idea what that is) could be toxic in _ ammounts

Polymerization is a process, not an ingredient.
.  Personally, I wouldn't use any silicone-based product in anything that came in contact with warm food but wouldn't be afraid to use it at room temperature or below. I'm not a toxicologist. YMMV.

Ok, thanks, and i saw the instructable on homemade sugru. if that is how real sugru is made, then it would be ok to have food on it, though i wont use it also