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Is this a good gaming computer? Answered

I am shopping for a gaming/movie editing computer when I stumbled along this computer. It looks nice and sturdy... I would like to know if it is a good gaming/ movie editing pc. If any of you have it, please tell me what is good about it. here is a link http://www.shopping.hp.com/product/voodoo/firebird/1/storefronts/GM339AA%2523ABA?aoid=35252



Best Answer 9 years ago

it is a 64 bit so some programs may not work, but for the most part it sounds pretty good... ps i would use linux

Do you think that it is a good gaming pc?

I saw that already but thanks, do you think that the $1200 price tag is steep?

hrmm...for a quad core and 64 bit idk...i think that you should defineitly look around and find the cheapest price...

it is the same price everywhere. It is liquid cooled and has dual sli.

ahh...the dual sli will increase the price and so will the cooling...id say buy it....but be warned, HP can come with crapware and bloat...but that can be fixed quickly :)

I wouldn't use linux as some games arn't compatible with it.

it might be a good product, but I'd never buy another HP/compaq

hardware support, proprietary hardware (depends on model), and in my experience, non-existant technical support.

Can You please tell me more about your experience.

I agree. Generally brand name computers do't allow overclocking but I'm not sure if you'd want that. I kinda disagree with Frollard in a sense as well because if you build your own computer the tech support is yourself. I'm assuming Frollard meant by from someone else though so this would not be a problem.