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Is the Ipod touch worth the buy and what are some cool features? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

Wait! In a few months, they are probably going to release the next gen Ipod, and it will have a front facing camera and be a lot better. So wait to buy one until they release it or you will be disappointed.


8 years ago

I agree with kcls. Wait a few months untill the new one with a camera comes out.

if you really would like one, dont buy it. Buy an unlocked (or use an unlocking program) iphone, that way you get the camera which alot of apps use. The next gen ipod touch is probably worth waiting for though if you think you will have the money.

From my experience, the touch is essentially an iphone without the built in camera and microphone for calling. One feature I didn't know and was pleased to find out is that there are internal speakers and you don't need to have headphones to listen to it. My advice on whether to buy or not- if you have a smart phone already or plan to get one, then no. If you don't, they essentially are one minus the ability to place calls (which can be worked around using skype and a third party microphone). In that case, I think it's a good buy. I just wish mine supported 3G and not just wifi.