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Is the Patterson Footage Real? Answered

Everybody has seen the Patterson footage, if they know it or not. The picture below is the most well known frame. Do you think its fake, or do you believe?


and that comes from a 10 year old(me)

its fake,monsters do exist but i can guarrante that 99% of the story are inncorect here is why:some people dont see it and say they saw it some people see something else and say they saw it and some people see it but most people that actualy see it dont say cuz they fear what they saw and another reason is: that no body ever reported a cute abnormal creature.


6 years ago

Two words: Monkey suit.

No way that is a squatch. Show me a high-res video and then I will consider it.


6 years ago

IF any believer can prove that it's real, they can then take that proof along to the Sceptics' Association ~ and see if they can claim that $1 million dollar "prize"/bounty the Sceptics reckon they have for proving such unbelievable claims ~ or probably even more, if they sell their "proofs" to the mass media...

When you consider how realistic some gorilla costumes are these days (like in the "Gorilla playing drums" commercial from a couple of years back..), the costume in that photo' appears pretty crude and amateurish by comparison..

I think the sceptics, critics and newspapers money is all pretty safe, in this particular case.

True. I feel that it should be real though. Has anyone here seen Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet? they take it too far.

I reckon there are two separate issues here ~

1. Could a primitive missing link/lost primate/mythical creature - such as the Sasquatch/"Bigfoot" in North America, the "Yeti" in the Himalaya, or the "Yowie" over here in Australia - actually exist still in our modern world, irregardless of the absence of any tangible proofs as yet; and

2. Does that photo look like a fake, or a mock-up/costume ?

My personal positions would be:
1. Maybe ~ I will keep an open mind on that possibility until someone proves it either way.
2. Yes ~ I believe this particular image is someone in a costume...

P.S. There are a couple of copies of the "Cadbury Gorilla commercial" on YouTube ~ well worth a look to see how costumes have advanced since some of those old and familiar fake and suspect photo's were taken..

The legend of the Yeti was almost certainly based from bears that live in the himalayas. It has longer hair and can stand up right for relatively long periods of time. People say that big foot is supposed to be related to gigantopithecus blacki, but I think it is simply a combination of misidentification, and hoaxes. Either way it seems there is really no base line for what a big foot is. Even if a large ape was found living in north America there would be no way of knowing whether it was big foot or just some other newly discovered species. I personally do not believe in big foot.

Regarding "1";

There cannot be solid proof that it does not exist, only that it does exist. However, even though the area is large enough to support a population of large apes, the utter lack of reliable evidence indicates that the likelihood of such a population existing is small enough to be discounted.

I would suppose that it is still possible that a person with hypertrichosis and maybe gigantism could have been driven from society into the mountains, etc. But then, that makes the whole thing less "interesting" to others, doesn't it? :-)

i think that makes it even better

People start losing interest if they find out it is just a hermet though LOL

"Feel" isn't a statement of either expertise or scientific evidence. Just because you wish something were true doesn't make it so.

Does it matter, at all, if it's real or fake?

It may. If it is real, it will be a firm handhold for believers.

Nope. Whether it's fake or not, the "believers" don't care. They just believe.

well most "believers" ara just plain stupid

I remember seeing a show on TV a few years ago and they interviewed a friend of he guy that took this video, and he said it was a joke,he was in the suit. A few months later he died of old age so take it for what it is.

I saw that too. I've also seen a re-creation with a guy in an ape suit that mimicked the video perfectly.

Fake. The burden of proof, as always, is on the proponents to demonstrate that it is not, and none have ever chosen to do so.