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Is the Prusa i3 MK3 a good 3D printer for my school? Answered

I teach a 3D animation class and have been tasked with finding a 3D printer under $2500 to be used to print the models my students make. First of all I want something reliable. Second I want ease of use. Finally I want the most bang for my buck as it were. I'm leaning toward the Prusa i3 MK3 based on the reviews I have seen, but I want to get several quotes.


fungus amungus

Best Answer 11 months ago

I'd strongly recommend the MK3. I have the MK2S and I love it, but that removable steel sheet looks amazing. For the most foolproof printer, I'd recommend the Ultimaker, but that goes just beyond your budget.

Even better, you could get two MK3s and still have close to a grand left over for filament and some post-processing tools.