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Is the Roland MicroCube a nice amp? Answered

I'm considering a few amps, and I'm thinking of buying the Roland MicroCube off craigslist. Is it good? And would you recommend it?


I only play at home quietly. I sold my large marshall amp and got this one. I love mine, the sound models in it are great. Depending on how you play, where you play the amp is great for what is made for. If your not going to play a stadium, slide across the stage on your knees wilst playing a huge guitar solo, then smashing the guitar like a sledgehammer it should work for you, if so you will need something bigger . I play mostly heavy metal dowtuned to C with EMG pickups and this amp just rocks. The sound quality is just as with or without the cord. Have owned this for 3 years with no problems.

its a good portable amp, yes. But its a noisy chinese amp over all.... Dont take my word for it though, Im a tone snob.... I would suggest going to a music store, and playing some of the amps they have there.

It's nice as a portable (battery operated) amp for off-the grid fun or as a practice amp. The quality is pretty decent and it has some fun features, but if you don't need portability, you might find a bigger amp for cheaper. I.e. My yamaha amp has a 15" speaker and it cost me just $75 (used), while the used MicroCube was $80. I have to be honest, I've played with one plugged in but I cant speak of how it runs on battery-power. It's claimed that 6 AA batteries will run it for up to 20 hours, but I'll bet that's with the volume knob on "1" and all the features turned off. It sounds nice and gets pretty loud for a 5", but don't expect it to blow out people's eardrums. So I say, if it's a good price and you like the fact that it runs on batteries, go for it.