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Is the entire DESSERT category being filtered? Answered

Is that possible? 

I published a Frosty Peppermint Fudgesicles  more than 18 hours ago and it still isn't available in the Dessert Category. The keywords are as innocuous as they get, so why the delay? 

After checking this morning, I see that only one new instructable was posted in that category all day yesterday... which seems odd to me.

Inquiring minds would like answers. Free fudgesicles for all responders. Must pick up. ;-)


If this project did get caught up in our filters over the weekend we sometimes don't get a chance to release it until Monday (though there are many of us who work beyond regular work hours it's something to keep in mind that HQ does observe weekends as time off work).

The way i understood it is that instructables are review and published on weekdays during working hours. That means anything submitted in the weekend will most likely only get published on monday, but I might be mistaken.

Hi Sage,

I believe you're thinking about contest entries. I've published a lot of Ibles on a weekend day (and at 2 am) that went public within the hour.

Occasionally the contest mods are notoriously s_l_o_w. The Hurricane Laser Contest is a prime recent example. Just sayin'. ;-)

Occasionally the contest mods are notoriously s_l_o_w.

A-haaa.... good to know.

Just don't tell anyone, ok?

We definitely don't want to annoy the mod-gods. ;-D

We may need to pacify them with fudgesicles and falafel.

Yes, publishing instructables is normally immediate, unless the automatic filters get triggered.

And, with my paranoid head on, I can see a potentiall trigger...

lol... I do not want to know!  ok... I really do so kindly 'splain yourself.

I think the filters went off their medication over the weekend.  Next time this happens, I think I'll do a little tinkering to see if unpublishing and republishing with no keywords will open a back door. 

• Is the entire DESSERT category being filtered?

• I need to remove spray paint from steel. Do you have any recommendations for me?

What on Earth are you up to?

LOL... the two questions are completely unrelated... but thanks for the laugh! ;-D

Do I have to travel to Baja to get mine?

Yes... I'm going to insist on that.

And you'll have to stay for at least 2 weeks. We'll have a lot of exploring to do! ;-)