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Is the fire extinguisher a good way to store hydrogen and oxygen? Answered

If i fill a empty fire extinguisher full of oxygen or hydrogen will it maintain the elements together?
   Or can i do this using house hold materials (for example: a water bottle to store them, a metal container)?



Best Answer 5 years ago

Fill a fire extinguisher with oxygen, and you're looking at accelerated corrosion of the steel extinguisher, possibly even combustion.

Full it with hydrogen, and the hydrogen will leak through the metal itself.

Fill it with both, and it's a bomb.

ie, Don't.

Then what are the materials that are "good enough" to store hydrogen and oxygen (both and separated) and how thick do this material needs to be?

Short answer; expensive.

Liquid hydrogen is stored under high pressure and at extremely low temperatures. You need a specialist cryogenic system to store it.

Your next step is to try doing your own research - look beyond the first hit on google.

Can you give me a big "Ideia" or "Picture" on how to build a cryogenic system?

Store them in their most stable, nonreactive form: Water.


5 years ago

There is a simple demonstration that you can do that will show you how dangerous the things are that you are talking about. If you can get a little bit of H2 and O2 fill up a balloon with them. Once you have the balloon filled and tied off off take a lighter and touch it to the balloon. The resulting explosion is a very small scale of what can happen.

Or, you can just watch the video.

Thank you for warning me ;)
I will take precaution measures when handling with oxygen and hydrogen ;)