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Is the instructables robot pach iron-on? Answered

I just got an instructables patch in my prize pack and was wondering if it was iron-on? I would like to put it on my new backpack.



Any patch can be made iron on. You can buy a sheet of iron on material. There is also special double sided tape for patches. But the best way to add a patch is with hot glue.

No, it isn't.

Time to break out the needle and thread...

the one I have - a bit old now is sew on.

I've got a couple of them now, but you know, I never checked if they were iron-on or not... The easiest way to tell is just to set the patch where you'd like it to be and run an iron over it. If the shiny backing is an adhesive, then it'll set onto your backpack without problems. If its not, then there shouldn't be any harm to it, and you'll just have to sew (or glue) it on.

Let me know what happens... I'm curious. :)