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Is the ipod touch worth the cost? Answered

I'm trying to do everything I can to get money for one and I was wondering if it's worth the time.


Yes. I have the 32 gb one, its worth every cent. Now i don't like apple's proprietary part, but i haven't had any issues. Pros: -awesome graphics, in my opinion -great sound quality -easy to navigate songs(i have 1100 at the moment, i can find any song in under ten seconds) -lots of ways to view your music(album, by song, artist, etc) in a visually pleasing way(not at all bad) -Easy syncing with iTunes -buy songs directly from the ipod, as well as add money from a gift card, all from the ipod -apps are great, free ones suprisingly good, paid ones usually even better. -Apps are what make this ipod worth it. Examples: -Remote: easily control your itunes wirelessly(setup is beyond easy) -iSnipe: paid app for making bullet calculations. (worth a hundred dollars, i paid only a few). Adjust your scope based on tons of variables to get a dead center shot every time. -Cubecheater: paid app that solves rubiks cubes. Very cool. -GuitarChords: has an easy to navigate chord library -Gigbaby: paid app which is basically a tempo thing for music. you can play along with it on guitar -Flycast: good online radio -Games: tons, make use of accelerometer, great graphics on most, could possibly justify buying one -Youtube: good, sometimes has loading difficulty for me(just my home network though, works 95% of the time). -Aim: i use Nimbuzz, like Aim but you can use the landscape keyboard, plus use your facebook IM, Skype, etc too. -Videos are crisp and clear, collegehumor podcast videos are free, funny, and easy to download. -Music is easy to buy if you have an account(easy to set up). -Pictures are easy to view. -doesnt bog down. if you run an intensive app, close out, then open another intensive one, there isnt much lag at all. -eye candy is always crisp -screen doesn't scratch unless you try(or carry a guitar pick with a rough finish in your pocket with the ipod- dont do that) Cons: -Need an account to buy songs or apps, this includes free apps(you still have to enter your password(stupid, but no more than annoying) -when viewing your music in landscape mode(when you see just the albums), it will always be in alpha order, not in the order that they come in in whatever playlist you are listening to -no way to sort apps in folders on the home screen(hopefully an update someday will change that...hopefully) -no way to change songs physically using a button. However, you can tap the home button twice and a menu will come up so you can change volume, song, etc without having to unlock it. -Landscape keyboard not always available. usually not a big deal. -Must buy a case or sleeve for it. You will drop it. (i reccomend silicone myself, rather than a hardcase.) Overall, i use this this every day, i love it. It has so much to it, its just unexplainable. So worth the money(even though mine was a gift). If it were just a mp3 player with pictures and video, hell no i'd say don't get it. But it's not. It has so much more. You've got internet. You have any app your heart desires(dictionary to .99 cent fully functional graphing calculator, to games from racing to tetris). It's worth it.

 the ipod touch is like an mp4 player
ipods are the only mp4 players around
ten times better sound quality and the touch has choosable
sound effects like
bass booster
vocal booster
small speakers
spoken word
and about 10 others

Buying into a culture that uses proprietary software is a recipe for unhappiness.

If you are wanting a music player that is basically like a smart phone, then you should probably buy the ipod touch.
If you are a music enthusiast and are extremely picky with music quality you should get something like a Samsung P2. It has wonderful sound quality and excellent bass. It doesn't have Wi-Fi or third party apps but MP3 players are more about the music anyway.


The 8GB Samsung P2 is about $50 less than Ipod touch with the same storage capacity

yes I had wanted one forever and just got one I now love it the wifi is extremely fast and they have tons of awesome free apps