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Is there a USB link connector that works with a DSi? Answered

I'm getting a DSi soon (yay), but I've been trying to find a USB link that works with it. Any suggestions? Oh, and my computer can't handle a router.



7 years ago

I know that there's a flashcard (ds-Xtreme) that has a usb cable connection and cable for the flashcard

Nevermind, I got a router,and it kicks major wireless @$$.

by link you mean what? from dsi to pc or dsi to what

A thing you plug into your pc's usb port and it acts as a wireless router without using a wireless card.

you can't connect it... you can charge it through your USB port, but you can't connect it to transfer files off the memory card

Looks like that usb port on the side of the dsi is just a charge port. I'll bet if you cracked that thing open the center pins aren't even connected or if they are I'll bet they are shorted together so that the charger will go into high power charge instead of normal power.

What is DSi? I've not seen DSi before. Educate me please.

DSi is the new handheld from nintendo just like a dslite but it takes pics

Seeing as how I don't own one I cant help you...