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Is there a cheap way to make my own vinyl records? Answered

Is there a cheap way to make my own vinyl records? Like, not just copy records, make new ones from computer recordings?



6 years ago

Can anyone make me 2 (one's a back up) vinyl discs? I want to record my wedding vow for my wife-to-be to a music track and play it at the reception.

I actually own some old paper records that were covered with some type of clear enamel or polyurethane, then grooves made in it- really wish I had the instructions for that one! Also, according to dad, a "wire recorder" actually recorded on a length of wire. I've never seen one. The paper records are actually record-o-grams, like those greeting cards you can record your voice on nowadays, not a new idea!

Gakken makes a wire recorder kit that can record on any magnetic piece of metal. (Examples: a pair of scissors, a knife, a steel chair, etc.) You can buy it at the Maker Shed. www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp
BTW for those that don't know, Gakken is a Japanese company and thus the directions are only in Japanese. But they are full of pictures so don't worry.

Excellent products, look at what I also found: http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKGK28


Thanks for that link. I sent it to my dad. He'll be pleasantly surprised.
I bet a lot of people end up thinking it's a new technology!

Depends on what you start with : ) I remember seeing a 'portable studio' that would record on blank vinyl records-but you would need the blanks to start with. Going back farther, there were Dictaphones that would record onto wax, perhaps some were made for vinyl. If you are asking about masters, then it would be easy to transfer from computer to disk, but the disks and machinery would be more difficult to get. Someone made a RTV mold of a vinyl record, then cast a disk from that. You could do something similar to get blanks to record onto.