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Is there a clear, heat sensitive spray glue? Answered

Working on a project that I would like to fuse by heating it.  I want a clear spray.  I have found something called spraynbond which is for fabrics but I am not sure if it is clear or what it is made of (to make sure it won't damage something).  Any suggestions?



Kinda need to know what material your talking about.

It's going to be on a plastic that has a pretty high melting point. I want to spray the items, place them in an over, and them connect.

What kind of plastic. You may be able to heat seal it. But not in an oven. More like pinching the ends together with an iron or other hot bar.

If you want a clear glue then I suspect the parts you want to glue are clear too.
So why not try Loca glue, the stuff that cures with UV light as used on mobile phone and tablet screens ?

I really want to be able to heat it. I basically want to spray some things, assemble them, heat them and they stay together.

There is nothing I know in terms of glue that works on plastic, is clear and cures with heat.
Resins and hot glue come into mind but they are not clear and would not work on certain plastics.
If it is Nylon, Polycarbonate or PPC you will need special glues under normal conditions already, so nothing in the heat cure range.
Acrylic can be fused together with acetone but is not really suited for big areas.

optically clear? Your not going to get that.

More or less clear a standard glue stick.

As said MUCh depends on what yout trying to bond together.

If plastics then you will almost certainly have to go with a solvent glue.

Yes, I want to be able to use it on plastic.