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Is there a console that can play all games? Answered

What i mean is a console that can play ps3/xbox360/ps2/psp/DS/GBA/wii/gamecube/n64/etc games all in one box? I think one of these could save tons of money.


No, there isn't one being sold right now. But if you were determined enough and have advanced technical skills you could make one yourself by taking apart each console and making one huge super console. I have had this idea in my head since I was a kid. But the reason there isn't one is because companies don't want YOU to save money, THEY want to earn more money. So unless you make one, there probably never be one unless the economy went way positive and somehow a dollar was worth a current $1,000,000.

The Chinese gave me a quote of $235.00 to make a console to do this even play the old games from the 80s, I don't remember the company but they also make the dreambox that is a set top box that streams Internet TV to your TV and allows you to turn the channels just like cable. Go to www.made-in-china.com start there you will find them.

the machine is the(da da daaaaa) GAMING PC! (you will also need emulators and roms)

last time i looked the pc wasn't a console and it can't run 360, ps3, dreamcast and barely run wii games.


8 years ago

No but there IS a special cable that connects all TV gaming systems into one. But that's just for if you don't have enough inputs.

hdmi cables are universal so have one for each system and a good tv

Its called a computer running emulation software. Its slower than a console, FYI.
Try this website:
I don't know the legality of this. I know that PS1 games will run on a computer with just some software, but other games (especially cartridge games) will require you downloading it or something... I've seen people play the n64 version of Super Smash Bros. This emulation will probably not work with all consoles.

Other wise, probably not... Though I think I did see something about a guy who combined a bunch of consoles together, but that won't save you any money, as you would have to still buy the consoles and put them together. Plus the consoles probably won't interest you from the look of your example list (I'm talking about '80s style games).

Actually, I have something in my files that I came up with a while back... You could be able to use it for anything. Hold on:
(FYI: this part is a joke. I thought I would type it up for fun. I'm not making fun of you).
What you will need:
A Psp
A Gameboy
A knife
some duct (or duck) tape
and some insanity

1. Take the Gameboy and put it back to back to the PSP.
2. Take your duct tape and wrap it around both the PSP and Gameboy.
3. Using the knife, cut holes in the tape so you can reach switches, buttons, etc.
4. Turn it on and put in a cartridge! AWESOME! You are now able to play Gameboy games on your PSP!
5. Taking it further. I theorize that you could take this process further by utilizing this technique with other systems. I hope some day to apply it to make Mac run on eMachines, Vista crash on a Commodore 64 and Linux run on a hamster. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES!


once you have an emulator for a particular game you go to one of thousands of websites and download the roms for the games you want...btw emulators arent illegal its the roms that come into question

In fact, there is a console that plays all games. It came out a few years ago, and is very popular. No, it is not a computer. It is better. It is called the Wii. On it, you can shop on the Shop Channel and play any nintendo game. Ther are even a lot of games on there that aren't even by Nintendo such as Sonic the Hedghog and Metal Gear Solid being the most popular non-Nintendo games. The best part? You only need two controllers and a Nunchuk. The Wiimote held sideways and the Classic Controller are the only controls essential to the games. Emulators do work, but why use them? They are slow, choppy, and hey, who wouldn't want to play on a widescreen Panasonic Plasma TV?What I am trying to say is that you can play lots of Playstation games on Nintendo consoles, and also X-Box/360 games. Obviously all Gameboy games are on the Wii, some are even available at the store for the Wii console as well as the Gameboy. If not, again! The Shop Channel!

yea at best with a mod chip the wii can play some ps2 game I've heard!

what Im talking about is a console where you insert a game for the Xbox 360 for a few mins, then you take the game out and insert one made for the ps2. You are just talking about games that can work on all platforms, there is nothing about console exclusives playing on the wii, like Halo.

tape all the systems together

thats awesome i will later super ghetto to think ghetto

With a modded xbox or a pc you could install emulators for pretty much all consoles and download the roms for each platform, I know this is a software approach and not a hardware hack but its doable right away and I'm a strong believer in instant gratification :}

Sure, the average PC is good enough for many consoles, but you need the "illegal emulator" Technically it isn't illegal since you did no sell it out and only private use, but the emulator sites are closing because of people suing.

all i did was take a wii xbox 360 and a ps3 then took all the covers off and put them all in a big metal box and made holes in it for the cds to go in


9 years ago

Other then some very very small console called the EMU box... but you dont want emu so idk,
All consols have difrent programing ways, and software want to pass though certain chips together.
the best way i can think of is if you feel you have enough knowledge and resorces to build a box around the pre existing consoles (and a TV as well then its an arcade cabnet =P) if you dont want to take them apart. and as for a single 1 contoller... i cant say Ive heard of one

you could some how program your computer to play console games (there's an instructable how to play ds games on a computer)

the wii vc plays most nintendo games, but microsoft and sony games you have to buy individual consoles.

I have seen the PS3 Play Xbox360 games if that is helpful. It reads the Xbox360 game as a DVD. The only downside is that you cant play online.

No, but it would be technically possible. Something like darth vader said in his comment.

Aside from my answer below, you could just duct tape all of those consoles together and cut holes for all of the switches and buttons. You now have the PlayWiiPortableBoyBoxScreenCube360!

(Should TOTALLY be considered best answer!) Yeah. But it would cost about 50$ more than all of those systems.... IT would also be really big. And have a lot of wires...

HEY! YOU STOLE MY IDEA! (see my answer)

Wow, I didn't even see that. I fail, at life. I'm really sorry for that. Whoops.

. It's possible, but you'd end up with one of each machine, all sharing a common set of controls (probably difficult to interface one set of controls to all machines) and the display (the only part that might be easy).
. Or a computer with emulators for each system (a la MAME). Accepting all the different cartridges would be difficult.
. You'd probably have to do a lot of reverse-engineering.

Our friend and I were brainstorming ideas. we thought that we could have a DVD drive for game systems that used optical discs, then slots for cartage games like gameboy and DS. We could set up a separate wireless box for where we plug controllers and such.

What you're describing is a computer, with emulators for each system. Unfortunatly there aren't good emulators for some of the systems you've mentioned.... but all of the N64 or older consols are pretty well covered. Still, even if someone manufactured a big-ol-box-o-gaming-goodness that covered all current consoles and a bunch of old ones: 1. It'd be rediculously expensive, un-supported, and it'd probably be banned in a bunch of countries shortly after it's release. 2. It makes no provision for the NEXT generation, meaning gamers will still have to buy another console in 2 years.