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Is there a difference between book cloth and just regular nice cotton fabric? Answered

Is there a difference between book cloth and just regular nice cotton fabric? Can I use other fabric in place of book cloth and still have it look professional?



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It is fairly easy to make by laminating together a piece of cloth and a piece of paper. Use iron-on interfacing from the fabric store or spray adhesive like Super77 from the hardware store. If the fabric isn't too porous, regular old PVA glue spread thinly with a brush will work well too.

What is the difference between PVA glue and Elmers glue?

I understand I've discovered this thread too late to be of any use, but I figure if someone else stumbles upon it the information I know may be of use. Book cloth is PH neutral, and designed to be better protected from oils, dirt, and other debris so the book may last longer. The advantage of a paper backing is that the binder doesn't have to worry about glue soaking through the cloth and leaving a stain.

I have used flannel and even polar fleece. Since I wanted my cover on the books to flex, I didn't use the interface. They are working great. I would get gaffer's tape if you can. That stuff is great, tears easily, leaves no gunky residue and comes in different colors. A good investment.

By googling I have found that book cloth is just a stiff-ish cloth that suitable for covering a book, to name a few I have found Starched Linen, Italian Cialux, Japanese Book cloth, Library Buckram, and Imitation Leather have come up more than once.

So you can use other fabric instead, just as long as it's stiff it should work.

I was really asking someone that has used both or has more hands on with book cloth. I can google.

I see, it's just that a lot of people on here can't.

I've used muslin that I got from the local discount big box store to cover books. The muslin looked like thin canvas but was thicker than regular fabric. The color was a just slightly of white that had a little gray in it. After they were covered I painted the covers with acrylic artist paint. They still look great after 10 years.