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Is there a free download of Windows? Answered

Hi, I was wondering if there was a legal and free way to download Windows (XP, Vista) from the web?  I have keys I could use for XP or Vista.  

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for all the answers!

I know you can get a copy for IE6/7/8/9 development from Microsoft themselves (it is not hard). But unfortunately it does not have a licence, but mine has been working as a virtual OS for months... IDK if it can be used as a main OS though...

The answer is most likely no. I know that Microsoft has agreements with some places (especially educational institutions) where you can download a .iso for free or very cheap, so if you are connected with a school or even check at your work, ask about MSDN. You might get lucky! Although technically you can download it off of a pirating site and still be legal, most of those copies will be cracked, so it is no longer legal, also it will not work as well as the full versions... no matter what anyone tells you. Also as I said before you are supporting illegal activities by downloading it off of a pirating website.

Ubuntu is a good, free, open source OS that you could use....... much less hassle too! :)

If you have legal keys for them then anywhere you can download would be legal. I don't know of anywhere though. If you can find a friend who will let you borrow his copy that would work.

Yes, the only problem is that most places you would download it from would be there for illegal purposes. By downloading it, in theory you are supporting illegal activities. But you are correct, any way you can get your hands on it could be considered legal as long as you use legally bought keys.

You can get windows 8 consumer preview legally, but not as a main os.

You can't use the Windows 8 Consumer preview as a main os?

That is what I read, if you are smart enough you might be able to make it one. Back your computer up if you want to try it.

You can, but it will expire when the full version comes out and it will stop working.

Free downloads of XP can be found on Pi Bay that are fully cracked and certified.MS has stopped support for this OS and I know that if you have a friend with a disc and serial it WILL install on your machine. I used all of the allotted installs for my XP disc and MS cut me off, however now that limitation has mysteriously gone away and I'm putting this OS on anyone's machine who want's it.
Good Luck


If you have legal keys but lost your disk you might try contacting microsoft directly, maybe they can supply you with a replacement.