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Is there a free way to emulate Windows XP on a Linux based system? Answered

I'm getting a bit annoyed at Windows, and almost everything I use is freeware already anyway. My problem is that most, if not all, of the programs I use were designed for Windows. If I could make a Linux system work with all my Windows programs, I think I would be much happier.


Have you looked into Linux equivalents for the Windows programs you use?

I feel like running Windows in a Linux Virtual Machine is just the annoyance of Windows with the extra layer of having to deal with a VM.

Wine. Google it to see program compatibility.

Not all programs work with Wine. You can pick up a copy of VMWare and run a copy of Windows inside of Linux to run the applications you need. VMWare is an invaluable tool, well worth the money.

Instead of paying out to use VMware, you could always use QEMU, which may be a little more difficult to get used to at first, however VMware is incredibly limited compared to it. And QEMU is open source ; )

the advanced (not free) variants of wine - like crossover and cedega

reactos - a free os compatible with windows xp. currently very incomplete