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Is there a glue that will permanently bond a polyethelene tarp and be waterproof ? Answered

I was looking for some type of glue that is fairly cheap and will toughly bond polyethelene tarp that i will use to make my homeade range tent it needs to hold well be waterproof and foldable to fold with the tent.


You might have pressing reasons TOO seal it like that, but I HIGHLY recommend you buy a few "grip-clips" from Shelter-systems in California


...fantastically versatile for joining tarps.

Can you plastic weld polyethylene? Lay a newspaper down, overlap the two seams on top. Lay an A4 sheet of paper on the top of the plastic and draw a soldering iron across the top of the paper. Vary the speed to get a good joint. Surprising simply and the reason plastic is used so much in manufacture, its very easily hot worked.